Problem with brand new 1640

I just recieved my new BENQ 1640 from newegg. I removed the TDK 8x I had, and installed the 1640.

I updated the firmware to the latest, and I had a brand new package of Memorex 16x blank dvd’s.

I have not had any problems in the past burning copies of movies with my TDK and 4x media. I use ICopyDVD’s2 and DVD43.

It read the disk and then when it got to part two, where it burns the movie, it immediately had an error burning, and stopped.

Now this is the first disk I have tried to burn, but it is darned frustrating. I would welcome any thoughts here!

I am using XP SP 2, have a gig of RAM, and a p4 2.4 ghz.


Try 12x if your first attempt was at 16x. There’s little to be gained at 16x in time and your media may not be up to it.

Try posting the media code.

If you don’t know about them, search for QSuite, Overspeed and SmartBurn or just look here

Turbing off WOPC using QSuite might help the burn complete but it might not be worth keeping.


Is it a dual layer movie? If not how long is the movie, may be to much info to put on a regular disc?