Problem with Borland C++ when using NeroBurn()

Hi Everyone!
May someone help us?
We have the following problem usind Nero SDK (v 1.0.5) inside Builder C++ 6.0.
We tried to compile the example NeroApiTest taken from SDK.
Calling the function NeroBurn in order to write an ISO track, the process ends with an access violation. The same executable, compiled by MS VisualC++ 6.0
works properly. Nero version is 6.3
Have someone an idea of what is wrong?
The load, read and info funtionalities seems to work correctly.


I’ve exactly the same problem.

My code compiled by Vc++ works properly, but with BCPP6 the NeroBurn() function fail because a read access violation.

Are there some know bugs about the problems?


Check the stack size of the application (but should usually be sufficient). Otherwise make sure that the correct calling scheme is selected (CDECL). Further also check whether the alignment of the structures is identical to VisualC++.
Hope that helps…