Problem with blank or drive?



I have a Benq DW1655 dvd burner. I burned 3 blanks DVD+R 4 months ago, RITEK R03, OPTODISKR8 and Verbatim MCC. Today I put DVD media into burner and surprise , ERROR disk ,cannot copy, in special to end of disk. Verbatim is only disk who works.

I don’t know what is bad? my Benq or my blanks? :doh:

only 4 months to save my data? :a

thanks for help :bow:


Could you do a Disc Quality test with the defective discs and with Nero CD-DVD Speed, make a screenshot and post it here? :slight_smile:

Were the discs readable four months ago?


yes, i read this disks before. i have important data on it ! :doh:


How did you store the disc? :slight_smile:


Ouch! 4 months :eek:

Kev has a point, could be storage.


The Optodisc’s jump looks like the burner didn’t like it…
If all these three discs were stored in the same condition, I wonder what the MCC’s scan looks like?


Yep, I had the same thing (with only the PIEs though) on my Samsung with MKM A03 DVD+RW, and a few other mediacodes.

I too would be interested in seeing the MCC scan, especially if they were stored in identical conditions. :slight_smile:


@[B]hereclit[/B]: would these discs happen to have sticky paper labels on them?


Nooooo! :sad:…very good question though, I didn’t think about that :doh:


How about this?> :disagree:


Ouch. There’s definitely a problem. :eek:

As Franck mentioned, do these discs have sticky paper labels on them? And how are they stored?


Nooo , i don’t have a sticky paper labels on them ! I stored in plastic case !
I burned many CD’s with Teac burner but it’s readable even today.

It’s a problem with Benq burner ? What is your opinion? :confused:


Which speed did you burn them at?
Were the discs readable directly after the burn?
Have you tried with SB and WOPC?


Qsuite settings : WOPC ON, SB (supported disc -off , un-known disc -ON) , burn speed 4X
The discs was readable after burning like yudenT03.

I will try with WOPC OFF.

thanks :rolleyes:


These discs all show VERY high jitter (which is likely the primary reason for the grossly high reported errors), which raises some questions. The drive may be doing a poor job of reading the discs, the jitter levels may be valid, I don’t know. None of these discs are so bad that really awful results are to be expected, even Ritek R03 is decent and Optodisc OR8 is usually quite good.

Turning WOPC off is unlikely to solve anything, leaving it on is the default setting and is usually the most appropriate setting. Burning 8x and 16x media at 4x, on the other hand, can sometimes yield poor results so I’d generally suggest 8x for 8x media, 8x or 12x for 16x media.

I suggest you try these discs on anther drive, see how a TRT (transfer rate test) performs. If the test completes without significant slowdowns, then there’s probably something wrong with your Benq’s reading capabilities at this point.