Problem with Bitsetting in a DVD Writer like BenQ

Hello Guys. !
I have a problem with my Xbox360 Game backup. Some people told me that my DVD Burner support Bitsetting to DVD-ROM. Some others don’t and now I am confused. My Burner is “ATAPI DVD DC DQ60”. They told me that it is a clone of the “BenQ DVD DC DQ60”. The problem now is when I insert the disc into the xbox tray, the Game loads until the main menu and it hangs up there forever even though the original game is completely fine.

Now about the Bitsetting issue. Me either don’t know if it supports it or not. Nero shows it does, after burning it reads it as a DVD-ROM. ImgBurn does aslo show that it does support but after burning, it shows the Profile “DVD+R” and I am confused in this part. Moreover when I try to use DVDInfo Pro and I click on “+R”, the program freezes. Here is Screenshots to Judge.

Nero BitSetting Settings / Nero Reading After Burning: (Backed Up vs Original )

ImgBurn Bitsetting Settings :

ImgBurn Read Mode : (Backed Up vs Original )

Text files are in the attachments.

Thank you for any support ^^

Your back-up has been properly bit-set:


Physical Format Information (Last Recorded - L0):
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67
[B]Book Type: DVD-ROM[/B]


Physical Format Information (Last Recorded - L1):
Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67
[B]Book Type: DVD-ROM[/B]

…so the drive seems to automatically bitset, at least for DL media.

Now what brand are these discs? The problem could be that your media is of a poor quality.

It is RICOH. “Made in India” DVD+R DL Discs. I can’t afford Verbatim for now, So I gave a try to the one I could own.

I want to ask too, Why they are not detected like originals ?
What is the difference between my backup which is already bitset and the original ? I can see that Nero detected the original game disc type as a DVD-ROM. You know, you can’t write on a DVD-ROM. So I am confused about it.

[B]Nero DiscSpeed 5[/B] :

I think you may be confusing disk type with book type.

A recordable double layer disk like these +R DL’s will always show up as DVD +R DL under Current Disk Type, even after they have been bitset. The idea with bitsetting (also called changing booktype) is to make the [B]player[/B] see the disk as a DVD-ROM.

Your original is a different type of disk, a DVD-ROM, and is made entirely differently than a disk that can be burned.

Yea, I needed to know that. Thank you. Everything became clear now :smiley:

Sorry for the double post, But I can’t find the “EDIT” Button. Don’t tell me how :confused:

Anyway, A friend of mine on the internet talked me and i asked him about that. He simply told me that he buy his copied game and he doesn’t buy original games. The games are being published in public. he scanned a game for me and also analyzed it and it seems exactly like the original game of min in Nero and ImgBurn. Can someone tell me how that is done ? How copied games seems to be like original DVD-ROM games ?? I am totally confused now. :sad:

[B]Images of the Disc (FRONT)[/B]

[B]Image of the Disc (BACK)[/B]

Hope some one has experience with this to explain it for me… Thank you