Problem with bin & Cue Files

hi, i’ve got a problem with a set of bin and cue files, the bin file is 3.75 gig, but when i try to burn it with alcohol i get an error that it is still waiting for the media, and when i try to burn it with nero, it says it needs a blank cd-r to burn the image, i’ve tried converting the image to an iso, but when i do that the image converter(alcohol), sees the image as a 1.55 gig file, and no the entire 3.75 gig, so till this point i think that either my cue file or the header of my bin image are damage, still, i can mount the image on a virtual drive and it works perfectly, without error, does anyone knows how i can succesfuly burn this image on a dvd, or convert it correctly to an ISO, or either where to find the information about the headers of the bin file or the modes of burning a dvd such as MODEn/BlockSize to edit the cue file by hand



Get DVD Decrypter from It should handle this without a problem.

I uusally find I ignore Cue files and just use Nero Ultra to burn the .bin file directly, Nero soon tells me if the image size doesnt match the Block size, then I use the cue file, otherwise it burns ok.

Here’s a thought - mount it with Daemon Tools (or whatever you use to mount images), then drag everything off it into a folder… then burn the folder. :slight_smile:

Or extract it to a folder with ISOBuster then just burn a data compilation.

Right. Or that.