Problem with Benq1620 + ps2 games



Hi guys, i hope you can help me, i’ve purchased the benq dvd writer 1620, and tried to copy some ps2 games but when i put them on the ps2 they just don’t read, i’ve done so on a nec, and they work great, so it’s not the process o creating the copy. Shoud i update the firmware, or what should i do?. Thanks a lot.


PS2 backups work fine on my BenQ 1620. Do you have a way around the copy protection like mod-chip or swap magic? If not, they won’t work. Every time you open the drawer, it checks the disc and burned don’t have what it needs. If you do, might try some different discs. Some PS2s are known to like DVD-Rs better, but there has been a few games where the DVD+Rs worked where DVD-Rs did not. Maybe the bitsetting.


yeah there not going to work at all unless your using a mod of some sort.


For some reason I think he got that part covered. Read his post again, maybe you’ll agree. :wink: (look for the word “nec”)



What kind of media are are you using, don’t use cheap & nasty stuff also burn the media at its rated speed dont burn it at a slower speed.

And do update the firmware use the latest B7W9.


Have you switched media as well? Lots of PS2’s have issues with different kinds of media. If the SAME media as you used in the NEC doesn’t work in the Benq… then I’d suspect the drive’s firmware. Or maybe that Benq just doesn’t like that media.