Problem with BenQ EW162I



Hi all,

I’ve tried to flash my BenQ to 47n9 firmware but update has crashed.
Can someone upload the files 47L9.CVT please , the link is dead.
Can you help me?

Thanks in advance
Sorry for my bad english

#2 This is the link for the BenQ firmwares for ur drive. try these. Cheers



I’ve tried to update with the official firmware but the update says "drive not supported’ , i’ve searched 2 hours and the only way to update my firmware is to update with WinDWFlash and the 47L9.CVT file.

If someone can upload it,



zebadee and pinto can help u in getting da .cvt files

Here is the 47P9.CVT file. Go try it out. Luck!!


Oooh Yeaaaah it works ,

Thanks very much ronello :clap: :wink: :wink:


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Welcum maan. Its zebadee who gave me dis link. So its better u thank him. Hope ur drive is back to normal


Hi :slight_smile:
It’s you they have to thank ronello. :clap:
I would have missed this thread (in fact did). :doh:


Thanks zebadee :slight_smile: