Problem with benq dw1655 bcbd firmware



I have a benq dw1655 with bcdb firmware and I am using verbatim 4x dvd-r(mcc 01rg20). My problem is that there are certain things that I need to burn at a slower speed like 1x or 2x but the only option giving is 4x. Looking at the firmware with mcse it looks like 4x is the lowest writing speed for all dvd-rs. Is there any way I can use mediacodespeededit or something else that will enable me to burn at 1x or 2x even. Thanks.


The BenQ does not support burning speeds below 2.4x

If all the options you get are 4x then that is all the burning speeds the firmware supports for that media. There is no way to get this any slower without swapping codes around and this then gets messy.

Burning slow does not give you a good burn with newer drives and media. If I burn my MCC004 media (16x +r) slower than 8x I end up putting them all in the bin.

Why do you need to burn so slowly?


The verbatims I have now are mcc01rg20. If I get the verbatim mcc 02rg20 or mcc 03rg20 dvd-rs the B7V9 firmware for the dw1620 supports these dvd-rs at 2x. Would I be able to flash my benq dw1655 with the B7V9 firmware? Oh and the reason I want to burn at a slow speed was because Im trying to make backups of xbox games and I was told If you dont burn them at a slow speed the games wont work.


You cannot flash B7V9 onto your 1655, if you did it would break your 1655.

Try a burn at the rated speed (or half rated speed) as the quality on that media should be good to excelent. The old rule of thumb was to burn all media as slow as possible to improve the quality but drives and media has gone a long way since then to improve higher speed burn quality. Most of the MCC burns I do have lower error rates than the pressed media I am taking a copy from.