Problem with BenQ DW1625 lightscribe

I purchased my BenQ DW1625 about a month ago and all was working well until a couple days ago. It still burns DVDs and CDs just fine however when I go to create a lightscribe label it is not working.

I am using the Nero6 Express that came with the drive. Everything works fine until I go to print a label I created. I get to the screen where you select the quality and the drive and then I click on the “Print” button. It then pauses for several seconds (at this point the drive is doing nothing… no lights etc.) after the pause the progress bar quickly zips across in about 2 seconds. It then displays the “Print Complete” window. Of course the drive did nothing in that 2 seconds it took to complete, and as you all probably know, it generally takes about 25 minutes to complete a print job with lightscribe.

I have tried reinstalling the drive and Nero. I also looked for firmware upgrades on BenQ’s site, but didn’t find any. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Is your system an AMD or Intel. I have an AMD Athlon 64 system and I can’t get the lightscribe label printing to be recognized in the latest NERO 6. If you go to lightscribe website, they don’t mention compatability with AMD processors, only Intel.

Hi, here a reply from The Netherlands in Europe. I had the same problem with Lightscribe, but I have the answer.
First you have to go to the Event Viewer. In the Application Log you see the following error of LightSrcibe Service:

Win32 Error : Function: [HurricaneClientProxy::OpenCDROMDevice] Error opening class device \.\CDROM0 returned Win32 Error: 5 Description: Access is denied.

You can solve this problem as follows:

Choose Start > Run. Type “regedit” in the Open text box and then click OK.

Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\Winlogon\allocatecdroms

Change the valuation of 1 in 0

That’s it and LightScribe will work!