Problem with BENQ DW1620 (FW B7S9) and a SYBA enclosure (with Myson CS8818 chipset)

Short Story:

Drive: BENQ DW1620 with firmware of B7S9 (jumper set to be Master)
Enclosure: SYBA SY-UEN-5SL with chipset of Myson Century CS8818G
Computer: Sony Vaio PCG-K33. (Mobile P4 3.06GHz CPU & 448MB RAM).
Media: Playo with UME01 code

Problem: cannot write DVDs with DVD Decrypter (20% chance of writing)
and sometimes doesn’t recognize blank DVDs inside it. When I doesn’t write, it doesn’t make any coasters too, it just tried to start writing and it doesn’t do anything after that. Specially if I get lucky and burn one, I definitely cannot burn one after that. I should turn off the drive and close the program and start again and wait for my 20% luck.

Question: should I do something? Any help appreciated.

Detail Long Story:

I got an internal DVD burner under name of “I/O Magic 16x16x8 Dual Format Dual Layer DVD Drive” from Staples. The drive inside is a BENQ DW1620 with firmware of B7S9.

I read in different places that I should get an enclosure with a Prolific 3507 chipset in it. I saw something on the which was advertised with such a chip inside and I bought it to find out later that it has a “Myson Century CS8818G” chipset inside it. :a The enclosure is packaged as “Creative I/O 5.25” USB2.0 Aluminum Enclosure" but it has a part number of SY-UEN-5SL which looks like to be from SYBA company, although I cannot find this part number among their current products.

Anyway, I put the drive inside the enclosure and set its jumper to Master and connected it through the USB2.0 port to my laptop which runs Windos XP Home SP2. The laptop is a Sony Vaio PCG-K33. (It has Mobile P4 3.06GHz CPU with 448MB of RAM).

When I turn on the enclosure, it gets detected quickly as a “USB Mass Storage Device” :confused: I used it once to read a CD to install the Nero which came with the Drive and it worked fine. But primarily I have used it with DVD Decrypter. I have been successful in reading DVDs but I have had very problems in writing DVDs. The blank disks that I am using are not a quality disks but I have been using them for a while in my other internal DVD burner which came in a Dell PC. Had no problem with these disks there, not even one coaster, not even a smallest problem. Disks have a media code of UME01 which is like a 4th-grade media! based on some people. The are marketed as Playo, got them from Staples. My problem is like DVD Decryptor starts writing process but nothing happens after few minutes till I kill the process and turn off my drive and start everything all over again. with like 20% chance I get one DVD burned with maximum speed of 8x and recently, only 4x! I’ve burned 15 disks so far and had 2 other coasters too.

No I wonder, whether I should go and get a better enclosure or I can still do something with what I have? Do I need to change the firmware of BENQ? I don’t think firmware of Myson chipset can be changed. I didn’t see anything about it on their website.

Thanks a lot for your help.


IMHO use better dvd media with the 1620 drive. Using cheap media will result in problems such as you’re having. Upgrade your drive to the latest firmware for the 1620 which is B7W9.

Thanks for your help DVD_ADDICT. Specially it was so quick after I posted.

Today I just got some disks with CMC media code (Staples brand). I will try them in the drive to see whether the problem exists. (I know CMCs are not also top brand too but I have used 250 of them so far with no coaster and smooth burning, although they were all burned with my Dell PC not this external enclosure.)

I tried it with CMC media too and still have the same type of problems.
I got an RMA from the sellter and returning back the enclosure to them.
I hope that I can find a better enclosure soon :bigsmile: