Problem with BENQ DVD DC DW 1680 in reading dual layer disks


Its my first ever visit to this forum. I found it via google and I appreciate the work undertaken by all you freaks!

I am stuck with a typical problem. I own a ‘BENQ DVD DC DW 1680’ DVD-RW optical device. It read and writes CDs very well, it can also read and writes single layer DVDs well but it doesn’t always read Dual layer disks(8.4 GB).

I have got this device as a replacement of my previous one by the same make. It had the same problem and I got it replaced in the warranty period. It was working fine. Now today, after quite a few months I needed to use a Dual layer DVD, it failed.

I have both windows XP and Linux installed on my system. The disk ran well in the second attempt on Linux. Without ejecting the DVD, I restarted the system into Windows mode and the DVD was running. But again after sometime, its not reading. I am fed up with this problem. Whats the issue? Can someone help?

I have Nero 6 and powerDVD 6 installed. Both full versions. The problem is with all the dual layer disks, I have check those disks on different systems, they’re working there.

I am attaching ‘infotool.txt’ file for your reference.

Please help. Its urgent.:bow:

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Could you initiate a scan using Nero CdSpeed and post the results?

[B]Nero CD Speed Test results[/B]

[U]General Information[/U]
[B]Operating System[/B]Windows XP Professional (5.01.2600 Service Pack 2) [B]Drive[/B]BENQ DVD DC DW1680 [B]Firmware Version[/B]RB34 [B]Serial Number[/B]
[B]Disc[/B]DVD-ROM [B]MID[/B]
[B]Capacity[/B]7.90 GB
[B]Time[/B][B]Elapsed[/B][B]Action[/B] [20:03:52]
Drive: SAMSUNG CD-ROM SC-152C C300 [20:03:55]
Drive: BENQ DVD DC DW1680 RB34 [20:04:31]
Drive: BENQ DVD DC DW1680 RB34 [20:04:31]
Disc: DVD-ROM, 7.90 GB, [20:04:48]
Starting transfer rate test [20:16:38]11:50Speed:5-12 X CAV (9.08 X average) [20:16:38]
Starting seek times test [20:16:47]
Random Seek: 92 ms [20:16:58]
1/3 Seek: 108 ms [20:17:15] 0:37Full Seek: 165 ms [20:17:15]
Starting CPU usage test [20:17:30]
CPU usage at 1X: 8 % [20:17:46]
CPU usage at 2X: 12 % [20:18:05]
CPU usage at 4X: 89 % [20:18:28] 1:14CPU usage at 8X: n/a [20:18:28]
Starting burst rate test [20:18:30] 0:02Interface burst rate: 23 MB/sec (23724 KB/sec) [20:18:30]
Starting spin-up/down test [20:18:36]
Spin-up time: 2.83 seconds [20:18:50] 0:20Spin-down time: 3.80 seconds [20:18:50]
Starting load/eject test [20:18:52]
Eject time: 1.72 seconds [20:18:53]
Load time: 1.45 seconds [20:19:08] 0:18Recognition time: 14.69 seconds [20:19:09]
Disc: DVD-ROM, 7.90 GB,

Is there some one who can help me with this?