Problem with benq 1640 and itunes



Hi all,

I have just bought a BENQ DW-1640. My PC has another CD-R/DVD drive, a Sony.

I have recorded some DVD’S with the BENQ and no problems, everything fine, but today when trying to record a cd through itunes with the BENQ I was unable to do it, I broke to cds, in the middle of the process I got an error message and before that all was going very slow.

With the other drive, that’s older and slower, I don’t have any problems recording cds from itunes and it goes pretty fast.

Any hint in what could be happening??




No idea, I update my IPOD with my BenQ 1640 all the time.


I have no problems transreing my cds to itunes with the benq, the problem came when I tried to record a cd from itunes.

Anyway, I am just having very low speeds when writing either DVD’s or CDs, so I don’t know if I am doing something wrong or is anything wrong with my benq.


Is your DMA off?