Problem with BDR-205



Hello, I have a Pioneer BDR-205, which is having a problem. The issue is every Blu-Ray movie I put into the drive shows as a BD-R, and not a BD-ROM. Does anyone knowwhy this is, or fix it?

Thank you!!


Who shows you “BD-R”,the desktop??


Sorry when I use Nero Disc speed, under disc info it always shows up as BD-R.


Disc type or booktype?


I am seeing this on Nero DiscSpeed 5, under the “Disc Info” tab. Also when I run the benchmark test, nothing shows in the “Disc Info” box. Could this just be a firmware issue? I have firmware 1.02, but have seen some posts with 1.03 (which I cannot find).

Thank you


Yeah, I would think so. Some drives just report disctype and booktype wrongly…