Problem With Backing Up Home Dvd

Hi i am trying to back up one of my home movies which is on dvd. It has no copy protection onit and i cant copy it with nero as it comes up with an error right at the end of reading and writing it. What i preferrebly wanted to do was just have the video without all the menus. So i used smart ripper and it ripped the video to my harddrive then when i went to put it into nero using the video option it wouldnt accept some of the files and when it did it would come up with messages about it being imcompatible with home dvd players, does anyone know of a tutorial i can use sfollow it so i can follow it step by step. sorry if this dosent make sense i am a total newbie.

Try IsoBuster this will porbably read that disc for you. What does that error msg say, if it says failed CRC (Cyclic Redundancy Check) it means the disc has some bad errors on it, even if the disc plays fine. Try reading in another drive or copying to the hard drive first before burning.