Problem with backing up Flushed Away


Having recently purchased this Flushed Away DVD for my kid I am having problems backing it up. My PC does not recognize the DVD as a DVD and I just get error messages that there is no disc in the drive. This occurs with DVDFab HD Decrypter (, RipIt4Me (, DVD Shrink (3.2) and DVD Decrypter (3.5.4) and any of the players I have VLC Media Player, Power DVD, Nero and even the lemon Windows Media Player.

Please don’t advise to use or try AnyDVD as I have tried it a number of times before and it has NEVER worked for me on Any DVD!

Is this a problem with the copy I bought or something to do with Region Codes etc?

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi Again,

Just an answer from myself I guess.

After thinking and surfing the net I found some good discussions on Firmware.

The issue was, as many of you would know, with the Firmware for my DVD Burner Hardware. It is an AOpen DUW1616L Pro-31 (dual layer) and was probably manufactured by LiteOn. Anyway it had the firmware edition PTS2 on board from early in 2006. Having now updated the firmware to edition PTS3 (late 2006 or early 2007 depending on who you believe) the Flushed Away problem seems to have done exactly that!

Thanks for the thoughts and I hope this little exercise in dumb frustration can help others.


I guess the firmware fixed the reading problem. Glad you got it working and posted back.