Problem with backing up DVD


I have LG GSA - H10N DVD Writer and Fuji film DVD + R 4.7 Gb. I am trying to make DVD backup of a movie. If I try to run the burnt DVD on DVD Writer it works fine but if I try to run it on Mintek DVD 1600 player (Connected to the home DVD player) or LG DVD - Rom on the computer it does not recognize the DVD and gives an error of ‘No Disc’. So I tried to burnt the Data DVD with NERO and it works fine on both the Mintek and LG DVD - Rom. I also tried DVD CLONER III and its doing the same problem as DVD X COPY Platinum. I have also tried ANY DVD & CLONE DVD2 without any resolution

I will appreciate any help.

@ ether,

Perchance are you aware that you are posting in the AnyDVD Forum?

The problem you are describing has nothing to do with the AnyDVD software program.

Your problem is related to the particular software program(s) you are using to make your backup copy of your Commercial DVD Movie Title.

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