Problem with AW-Q170A

I have two SONY AW-Q170A DVD Burners.
Yesterday, I was trying to burn a dvd+rw with Alcohol 120% but it didn’t work, and neither did the formatting. I’ve tried several different programs and they still can’t seem to format the disk(I’ve tried several different disks). I am however, able to burn DVD±R and CD-R’s normally. After an exhaustive google search, I believe that the problem is with my firmware which is from 2002. The problem is that due to the fact that my Drives are OEM I can’t seem to find any upgrades at all. Any suggestions?

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The firmware should be from 2002? I hardly doubt it.
In 2002 18x dvd burners wasnt even in someone’s mind I believe…

Find out the OEM, the OEM has to give support.

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The driver details of the Drives says that it’s from 2002…the DVD+RW format was accepted as an industry standard in '01 I believe.

But anyway, I’ve contacted the OEM and they have yet to reply to me, so I’m just trying to get whatever help I can elsewhere.

The driver may be from 2002, Driver is not Firmware.

Run Nero cd dvd speed or dvdinfopro and find out the firmware version. Then check the NEC subsection for more info.

Who is the OEM?

I believe that the OEM is Optiarc.
I’m not sure what you mean when you say to look under the NEC section.
Here’s a screenshot of the info that I get with DVDINFOPRO.

Just a suggestion which may help. If you’re having problem burning/formatting a DVD+RW whilst you have Alcohol installed, try this:

Open up Alcohol, and go to Settings. Under Emulation, uncheck Ignore Media Type. :slight_smile:

I already have it unchecked :frowning:
Thanks anyway though.

Anyone? I’ve been driving myself crazy with this, because I really don’t feel like getting new burners, especially if it’s a problem with Windows and not the burners themselves.

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Found a AW-Q170A firmware on this site. Might what you been looking for.