Problem with AVP and Grudge only

I am having an issue with some new movies ie Grudge, AVP. I have a pioneer DV-434 dvd player (which up to know plays most anything) but with the two movies mentioned above they play fine for the first few chapters, then it distorts and locks up. In some cases it locks up the dvd player. The same disk will play fine in my panasonic dvd player. I just backed up shark tale (movie only) and it plays perfectly in the DV-434. I am using the latest anydvd and clonedvd2 (been just trying but will purchase both this weekend) and have been really impressed with the quality and service here. Is there anything in the new decryption that could be causing problems with my Dv-434 player? thanks john

There are many discussion on backup of Grudge, just search.

Do you mean the DV-434 as standalone does not play pressed DVD-Video or the backup you made?
If it cannot play the pressed DVD, return it to store, ask for refund.

Go here.

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