Problem with audio/video sync in dvd player



a while ago i made a backup of The Matrix on to my Hdd in DiVX format. a week ago i converted this movie back to dvd using two programs, WinAVI 7.1 and ConvertxtoDVD. to burn the dvd i useds CopytoDVD (came with 1CLICKdvdCopy) and nero 7. i made 4 dvds usuing every combination these software and none of them play right in my dvd (sylvania) player. What happens is that the movie plays fine for about 5 minutes, then the audio and video satrt to get out of synce. all i have to do is pause the movie, and then play it again and it works fine for about another 5 minutes then goes back out of sync. all the dvds i made work fine in my computer. i have a plextor px-708a burner and i am using fujifilm dvd-r’s for my dvds. anyone have any advice on how i can fix this issue or should i just go out and get a new dvd player? (although i am starting to go broke buying all the ripping/software :doh: )

thanks in advance


Hi there by adjusting the settings in my dvd player a fixed the audio sync:

Audio DRC: standar
Digital out: on
Downmix: dolby surround
dts: on
48khz/96khz pcm: 96khz/24 bit (most important setting)

Good luck!


thanks for the advice. if anyone has any more advice it would be greatly appreciated!