Problem with audio quality on burned disks

My TDK VeloCD 241040B has worked really great until a couple of weeks ago. since then, the audio is extremely poor when I burn an audio disk. I have tried letting nero convert the files from mp3-WAV, burning WAV files directly, CloneCD to clone one of my cd’s, reformat, then a new OS. <-still same problem.

All of my data files seem fine but the WAV audio is poor.

here’s what it does: Sounds like scrtatches randomly inserted into the songs

Did you try other media or lowering your write speed?

Same outcome at all speeds and I tried TDK, and I think the other media was Memorex.

I used to have the Velo24x TDK drive, it had the worst DAE i have ever seen but i had no problem while burning audio. My first guess would be that you have used this drive to extract the audio files to mp3 or wav and then tried to burn them (which will definetely give you bad audio which wont be the result of burning but of ripping). So first suggestion: use another drive for ectracting the audio files.

If you havent used the TDK drive for extraction then it must be the media or the progiie you used for converting the wavs to mp3s and vice versa.

Memorex is said to be crappy media, and TDK can be crap also sometimes. If you are from Greece (as your username clearly indicates :wink: ) i suggest using either EMTEC or SKC clearly because this is what i used for audio when i had this particular drive (I know nothing about the quality of SKC as far as C1 C2 errors are concerned - in case Alex comes burging in :slight_smile: )

Writing at lower speeds is said to give you better results, but i have seen no real justification for that up to now. I also burn audio at lower speeds, lathough i have never encountered problems burning at higher speeds, appart from those cases i used crappy media.

CCD is known for its cloning capabilities and not for audio - i have never used it for that. I suggest sticking to Nero or Feurio for burning audio.

Bottom line: use another drive for extraction, use EMTEC or SKC, burn at lower speeds and update Nero to its latest version, maybe that will solve the problem if it is based on the mp3 conversion to wav while using Nero or any other proggie.

See you around :wink:

#1. I did and did not extract files from the drive in question. I even had a friend extract files on his machine and then x-fer the file to me…the file burned fine on his burner but didn’t burn ok on mine using Nero (latest Version) or using dBAMP to convert then Fireburner.

#2. Double checked and the media was: TDK, Memorex, and imation<-not the best but shouldn’t be the problem either
after installing my new burner, the files burn on the same batch of TDK disk’s flawlessly. I’m pretty sure it’s not the media

#3. Lowspeed’s didn’t help either.

I was hoping it was a simple problem, maybe something I’m overlooking but after more research, It’s pretty clear to me the drive has a problem. Thanks for trying to help me…now the question will be whether it’s worth it to send it in for the repair when the drives are so cheap to buy.:smiley:

could be that the drive has accumulated dust?!?

might try opening the drive and cleaning it with compressed air (has worked for me on more than one occasion)

I STRONGLY advise against using one of the laser cleaning discs that are available. They can damage the laser lens in a drive that can crank such high RPMs as the TDK.

I’ll let you know if it worked.:wink:

could you try to burn with feurio?