Problem with Audio Playback on DVD-ROM

I have an LG GDR-8164B USB DVD-ROM player installed on my daughters Dell GX110 (P3). It has been working fine up until sometime recently. My daughter (who is 8) does not have any admin rights at all, so she can not do any installs or upgrades. So nothing has changed on her system for months.

However when we play a DVD movie on her DVD player the video plays back fine, but the Audio is choppy. I reinstalled the Dell drivers for the integrated audio card… but no change!

Any advice?

Perhaps try another player.

Standard stuff could be worth trying. Disk error checking, dumping all the temp folder contents (windows temp and internet temp, etc.) then doing a full-on defrag.

Perhaps increase the size of your swap file, change the destination of your swap file, unload (using MSCONFIG) any extra software that may be chewing up CPU cycles, etc.