Problem with Audio CDs


Everytime I insert an Audio CD into any of my disc drives (CD or DVD) and try to Rip it on iTunes, Media Player or other, my PC just restarts!!!

I have been browsing the forums but didn’t find anything. Please save me!!!

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Not looking very good at all! Will it play the audio CD OK and only restarts your PC if you try to Rip it? IF that’s the case it sounds like some sort of Virus or copy protection to stop you Ripping the CD.

@ Weige I don’t think you should be posting if don’t have anything helpful to say.

If it happens with other CD/DVD being played then it’s possible that your power supply suddenly is unable to cope with the power demand.

I would agree with [B]TimC[/B], but if the disc plays under normal conditions then it would most likely be other issues.

It appears to be a system stability issue.
If your PC is overclocked, then undo the overclock and test at normal speed.
If your RAM timings are aggressive the try settings that are a little more relaxed.
Test your memory to ensure that it can perform under load.
Check your CPU temperature. If it’s running hot then sometimes ripping can push it over the top and cause it to overheat and reboot the system.

Sometimes the optical drive is bad. If it’s possible try another optical drive.

From personal experience, I agree that this could definitely be a possibility :slight_smile:

This can also be a memory problem. Turn off your computer and open it up.
Remove and reseat the memory chips and whilst your at it unplug and reseat all the plugs on you motherboard and drives. Of course this may not help but it is easy to do and eliminates poor connections as the cause. Whilst the case is open check the processor fan for gunge and clean if required.
Also examine the motherboard visually and in particular the electrolytic capacitors for bulging and/or leakage.
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