Problem with Audio CDs burning

Hi all,
I have successfully burned DVDs and even CD with data.
The problem appeared with the AUDIO CDs.
I’m usin the last NERO and with the old CD (x4) recorder, I’m doing fine.
The discs are TDK and I got errors that even make the CDs f*** for another use but freesbee.

Any idea?


Try using the free program EAC - available at

Great little program and the price is right-


thanks for the help. I will try, but the problem is not COPYING discs (I didn’t try it actually) but making Audio cds from MP3 sources.
The same Nero works well with the CD writer.

c’mon, any other idea?
maybe disc on fly,. track on fly whatever!

When you burn your audio CD, the buffer status in Nero is up and down to zero ?
Normally, my system show 95%~98% and very stable throught the whole burn process.

it fails on the very start.
and the disc is useless after it.
I’ll check the buffer. It happens so quick that I didn’t pay attention to it.

yesterday I did a successful copy with an old RW x4. May the speed could be the problem? The failure discs were TDKx48.

i tried on sopeed x16 instead x48 and it went good.