Problem with audio after conversion

Hi Everybody
I have problem with audio after conversion
I used TMPGEnc 2.5 software to covert AVI. video clip to MPG format. In TMPGEnc project wizard I make selections: video cd NTSC
After I burn it to VCD and play on my DVD, video was fine but there is no audio sound. Before conversion I play this AVI film on my computer and play fine.
Please Help.
Thanks Richard

probably sound was ac3 and TMPGEnc does;nt know reencode
with that format, u have to remux with extracted ac3 file

Well, your suggestion is on the right track vls but VCDs doesn’t support AC3.
If you don’t have a AC3 decoder installed you can grab AC3Filter and use a sound editor like Goldwave to downmix it to 2 channels (actually AC3Filter downmixes but that’s not important). Save as wav (PCM, 16-bit Stereo) without altering samplerate and use Shibatch sampling rate converter compiled (ssrc in short) to change it to 44100Hz if needed. Load up the resampled or unresampled (if it wasn’t needed) in TMPGEnc to convert it to MPEG Audio Layer I audio. You can use TMPGenc’s MPEG Tools to remux (demux video, remux video + new audio) your “VCD clip”.

Hi everybody
Finely I have this problem figured out.
First I had to decompress the AVI file. I used program (avi2vsd) to decompress and TMPGnc to convert .
TMPGnc can’t handle compress audio and will not convert sound.
Now It works fine!
I appreciate help from all of you.