Hello, i’m having a problem with the Nero DiscSpeed tool, the thing is, i used it before, especifically in the Disc Quality option, i made a few test on many dvds i wrote, the software works fine, the test too, but suddenly it stop to work, i don’t know why, i didn’t do anything. I made a search on the forum and i found something about the Samsung drives, i madre the registry change, but nothing, i can’t start the test again, i have a bluray LG burner (HL-DT-ST BD-RE WH10LS30), when i was able to made test the drive was connected and everything works fine, when i wasn’t i unpluged the drive (the bluray burner) but nothing happend either. I have installed only the DiscSpeed tool, I’m running windows 8 and i tried to reinstall and nothing. Is there anything i can do to restore the test option? Thanks to everyone.


Is there an error message?


No, this is weirder, i was about to take a screenshot to post it here and the option was able again, i didn’t do anything, i even didn’t shut down the computer or restart it, i really don’t know whats happening.