Problem with ASUS 1608P

i’ve got a problem , i’ve tried all firmwares from 1.02 to 1.59 … but my DVD-RW won’t read the DVD’s that it burns… and many other … and it writes with errors(if it writes)… the buffer jumps from 98 to 10% and back … etc … can someone help me? (i’ve tried to put it Master , Slave … but it ain’t no differance)

Burn with verify and post the results here.

now i don’t have any dvd’s … because they all ar in the trash … and they where TDK… what can i say , i can write on a Benq DVD+RW … and when i want 2 copy from it … error… like in a bad sector from a harddisk :frowning: , when the CD is verified it runs from 700kb to 1.4 MB … max … that in the good case …

Please try writing in sentences. The way you post makes me dizzy… :frowning:

k , to explain in sentences :slight_smile: i’ve got this DVD-RW (it’s Second Hand) , @ my first DVD burn all was nice and fine until i wanted to read the DVD , it seams that it can’t read them, then i’ve tried a DVD from a magazine , it worked just fine.

i’ve managed to burn a dvd and to make it work but the speed it’s ~ 1x (when readed) , and with errors.
i’ve cleand the DVD-RW but no effect, i’ve put all firmwares and still it ain’t working

posible to be from the cable? i have one rounde cable 79 pins to be exact

i’ve installed windows XP sp1 / XP sp2 … the same :frowning:


i’ve put all firmwares

What does this mean?

Please post the output from either DVRFlash or Discinfo here.

You may uninstall the ide channels in devicemanager and delete the upper & lower filters. See my sig.

i’ve used DVRFlash to flash from 1.59 to 1.02 then the firmwares to 1.17 1.40 1.50 1.57 1.59 back… thinking that may be a solution :slight_smile:

i’ll try your ideea :slight_smile: