PROBLEM WITH ASUS 1608 P2 burner



hi guys,

i am using ASUS 1608P2 dvd writer. i bought it just 3 months brfore. till now its working fine but i thinkk now its strated creating problem.

yesterday i just writed a cd using cd to cd write option with asus dvd writer.
while creating a image for copy its reading speed is also very less that about 1400 to 1800 kb/s. and also when it started writing its is taking time double than its total time.

to check software problem i tried to write same cd using my samsung cd writer
and it gives me better performance than asus writer copying a cd on 3300 to 3500 kb/s speed and writing also in proper time.

even i checked out my asus writer on my friends house but same problem occuring.
guys i want help. is it a real problem or software or pc problem.
and any solution is there for that if there please help me.

eagerly waiting for your replies.
:bow: :bow: :bow:


What is the source? A CD? Copy protected???


no cd is not copy protected . it is audio cd & its created by myself only.


More info please!!


just tel what information you want i will tell all that . because i am confuse what type of info you want


Audio CD of what length/size overall?
Burned as real AudioCD (Iso 9660) or with other options/FS?