Problem with aspect ratio (other region discs)



A friend who has family in Australia brought home with him after a visit a set of DVDs, not stopping to think they’d be in PAL and the Australian region format (region 4?).

Once he realized what was wrong, he asked me if I could copy them for him.

My Apex player was region free and could handle PAL discs, and with the Lite On, now I could copy them not on VHS, but on DVD.


It seems the PAL Australian-region discs are in 16x9 widescreen/letterbox…and the player refuses to display them that way.

As a result, what I’m recording has VERY thin black bars at the top and bottom, but for the most part it’s displaying as 4x3.

I’ve yet to try playing the original discs in my upgraded 5005.

If it displays them in letterbox, I guess I’ll have to make VHS copies for him off the 5005.

Does anyone know what’ll happen with the original discs in the Lite On? (The last part of the first disc is currently running in the Apex, being recorded…WRONGLY…on the LiteOn.)

Will the Lite On display a widescreen/letterbox picture from PAL, Australian region disc, correctly on my American TV (4x3 screen), or will it do the same the Apex is doing (squeezing it to be essentially 4x3)?

Anyone know of anything I might be able to do, with the Apex or the LiteOn, to produce the proper letterboxed picture from the original discs?


You can alter the output signal from the Liteon to 16:9 Widescreen/4:3 LetterBox/4:3 Pan & Scan.

I have not had the need to record from a Widescreen DVD so cannot comment but would guess that it will record what it “sees”. This should be no different to the VCR anyway.

It sounds like you’re going to have to do some playing around to get the best result.