Problem with apple studio display on geforce4

I just got this apple studio display 17 (CRT) that I found in the trash repaired for free (thanks apple!), and it just refuses to work with my old chaintech geforce 4 ti4200 at all. It works, I’m typing this on it now, but I’m using my other computer with an ancient vanta in it. It also worked on some integrated s3 crap.

I checked the manual for this monitor on apple’s site, and it says it won’t work with video cards with a horizontal hz of less than 30 or more than 85. Well, I checked and my video card was at 31.2, so it should still work. It’s a Chaintech Geforce4 ti4200.

I guess I could use my radeon 9000 pro, but I’d rather stick with the geforce for that few extra fps. Anybody know of a way of fixing this?

I guess this got posted twice somehow. But now I’m using the studio display with my radeon 9000. Not sure if I like it, might switch back to geforce 4 and flat 17" CRT, but this has awesome image quality.