Problem With Anydvd!

Alright guys, my dvd-burner is my D drive. My anydvd is set to my E and F drives (both are dvd-rom/cd-burner drives that are unplugged because they do not work), but not to my D drive. How do I set anydvd to work for my D drive? Thank you!

What version of Anydvd do you have? From my installs of Anydvd it should automatically find your drive after a reboot? Plus you might want to post this in the Anydvd forum. Maybe unistall all of Anydvd but makes sure you have your registration and serial saved first and then delete the folder for Anydvd and reinstall it and then reboot and register your Anydvd and see if that works better.

Good advice. :iagree: