Problem with AnyDVD key


having a bit of a problem with the key for anydvd. I used both clone dvd2 and anydvd for their respective 21 day trial periods and found them to be quite fantastic and purchased the registration keys from slysoft at the same time. the key unlocked my version of clone dvd2, however the anydvd key was unable to unlock my trial verision of anydvd. i have backed up the keys (as was suggested on both this board and the slysoft website) removed the anydvd, reinstalled the program and tried the key again (with the required rebooting each step of the way) and it still did not unlock. i sent an email to the tech support at slysoft and got no reply, so here i am. any suggestions, has this happened to anyone else, am i a serious fool and overlooking something painfully obvious?

Your not a serious fool, sometimes these things happen.

I would install AnyDVD again, then use the uninstall feature within AnyDVD and not Windows add/remove option. You should find the uninstall in your Start\Programs\Slysoft shortcut.
When uninstalling if it asks to save your registration information, reply no.

If you have an Anti Virus progarm such as Norton AV deactivate it when you do a new install.

Once removed I would remove any traces of the program by using the Registry Editor.
Create a restore point prior to making any deletions in case you accidentaly delete something not related to the program.

Now using the search words of Anydvd and Slysoft, delete any entries that are present. If you don’t know how to use the Registry Editor or feel uncomfortable using it, there are numerous free programs out there that can do it for you, just do a google search to find one.

Once it has been completely removed from your system, re-install it using the latest version ( may be updated shortly) from web site. Then use the key you received to register. I’m glad to see you backed up your keys, may prove to be a very intelligent move on your part should you ever need to reformat. Make sure you save in several locations such as floppy or CD but not in the same location as your operating system, when that goes down you’ve lost your keys.

this has happened before, right click your key-properties-and find a button called “unlock” click that then OK, then try your key again.