Problem with AnyDVD after latest XP service update

Using AnyDVD Ver and CloneDVD2 Ver Today after the latest microsoft automatic update for XP Pro, both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 now hang up in the Browse for folder window. I have reinstalled both programs and that does not correct the issue. If I use the XP system restore function and go back to before the OS update both programs work fine. This latest update was 5 patches, one for IE and one for outlook express, not sure what the others were for.

Is anyone else seeing this? Please HELP!

Thanks in advance.

System is AMD Athlon XP, 1.35 Ghz, 512Meg Ram, two BenQ DW1640 drives

If you are using Kerio FW or HP share-to-web, then this might help.

Look here:

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Just so you know, I had the same problem with 1 Click DVD Copy and Windows 2000. I will try this also. Thanks guys!


Sure sounds like an advertisement to NOT permit autoupdate of anything - by anyone - ever - a philosophy that has served me well for many years. I generally let a bit of time to pass followed by a bit of research before turning anyone’s update loose on my system.

This fix didn’t work for me. I am running the latest version of Any DVD and and the latest of 1 Click DVD copy Any other ideas? Sounds like the same problem but could I need another shell extension? What a mess… I swear I was fine this morning and now… crap…

You could try ti uninstall security update MS06-015.

I do have a HP scanner attached with the Full install HP scanning sw installed (Damn HP for installing all their crap sw that I never use, only want to scan, never want to post scans to web).

I reloaded the OS update, ran regedit for the share-to-web patch. All is fine now.

[B]Note to the Win2000 user that is having the same issue. Did you notice that you need to close Vercisid.exe prog using task manager. For me I the program was not running.[/B]

In case anyone is interested, Prior to the OS update there was no “Hkey_local_machine\software\microsoft\windows\currentversion\shell extensions\cached” folder before the OS update.

Thanks for the Super Fast response to my problem. :bow:

CDfreaks is the best.

I uninstalled the all 4 updates installed last night… Then I rebooted. Still nothing is working. I also changed with regedit… Any other people with Win2K working this problem???

The thing is that i want to know, is why would MS release upgrades that they know could knacker peoples computers.

Some people run their entire business by computers and therefore it is vital that their machines run OK. And not everyone is a software expert that can do stuff that they have suggested in the MS help website James linked to.

You are so right. You know there are alot of computers that have HP scanners attached that the user have installed the share to web s/w on without even knowing. I hate the installers that HP has with there products. They add so much junk. :Z

Ok, I’ve uninstalled the updates several times, rebooted… still can’t get it to work. Do I need to delete the entry I included via regedit? I am absolutely running out of ideas! With the fix uninstalled, I can’t get it going at all. Ideas?!! Getting desperate…