Problem with ANYDVD & 1 Click DVD copy (need help)

So here is the deal:

I have been using 1 click DVD copy for the last couple of months burning away without a care in the world. I never encountered any problem as everything i tried to copy came out flawlessly (with the DVD43FREE decryption plugin).

A day ago or so, i rented and tried to copy “little black book”, but kept coming up with the “Bad Sectors” error, so i began to research. I found the big discussion (thread) about it along with Resident Evil part 2 & Sony’s new DVD protection scheme & i read every single post in that thread.

After reading the thread, i unistalled the DVD43FREE plug-in that i had been using with no problems (but failed with “Little Black Book”), and downloaded and installed AnyDVD version I then upgraded my 1-click software to the latest version and thought i would be good to go; unfortunately, that is not the case.

Even with AnyDVD running first and supposedly removing the various copy protection schemes, when i try to burn it with 1 click i get nowhere. 1 click still give me the following error: "This DVD contains bad sectors. This error is due to a copy protection scheme on the original DVD. 1 click DVD does not remove copy protection. Remember i have ANYDVD running at the same time as the website specifically says that it works in conjunction with any cloning software.

I am very happy with the quality of the copies that 1 click DVD has produced for me (pue it’s ease of use) and i am not really keen on trying to switch to a bunch of other programs to get this thing done. Does anyone know what is going on and how i can fix this problem?

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


They may ask what region movie, what part of the world do you live in?

I live in California & i believe the region code is 1.

“little black book” is based by Sony ARccOS,so you may try Elby CloneDVD2+AnyDVD

But AnyDVD says that it works with any copying software such as 1Click & Clone etc…

So do you have any ideas as to what the problem is, is there something i am missing?

I just don’t get it.

Does AnyDVD work correctly with other discs? Try OneClickCopy with a “normal” CSS protected disc.
Is the option “Protection based on read errors” enabled?

Just purchase CloneDVD2…it is the way to go. I just bought mine yesterday after using AnyDVD & some other DVD Copiers for quite awhile. First there was Resident Evil 2, then Lil Black Book and now Forgotten, so I figured it was time to buy what works. If you buy AnyDVD & CloneDVD together, you save some cash…wish I went that route…oh well…anything for the cause. :wink:

@ duffy75

The reason I asked was I wanted to make sure before I put my foot in my mouth. Some countries it is fine to copy rented DVD’s but not here In the USA. You should read forum rules.

And where praytell did i ever state that the DVD i was trying to copy was “rented”?

My mistake, now i see what you are talking about in the original post. I actually purchased the DVD, it was not rented, that was my mistake in the original post.



i use 1 click dvd… try the they just updated it… i use anydvd and DVD Region+CSS Free

I use 1ClickDVD for most of my backups, because its just simple. It doesn’t work for everything, and for those DVDs I use CloneDVD2. Its well supported and handles everything 1Click doesn’t.