Problem with an old ps1 disc

okay well obviosly im new here, but i found this forum in a search and thought i might as well ask

so today while cleaning up i found an old ps1 game i had (breath of fire 4) and thought i might play it but when i stuck it in the old ps1 it was to scrachet up, it would go through the start sequence and after i went to new game it just stopped working, so i decided to burn it and see if it would work(yes i have a mod chip) and it did, when i went to new game this time the music would start playing then about 5 seconds later it would go blank, so my question is does anyone no how to fix said problem or just no the cause of the problem



pretty much you need to recover the data if it is that scratched.


If it wont extract off the cd. The disc is just plain screwed.
Also make sure you burn it as direct audio cd.

BTW You need a CD-R Audio Cd. I found out that Sony CD-R Audio work great instead of a typical cd-r. You can purchse those at any wal-mart, target, or compusa.