Problem with an AGP card



Hi there!

Here’s my question: I recently bought an AGP 8x graphics card (chaintech geforce4 mx440) and when i installed in my system (with an ECS p4vxasd2 motherboard, supports up to 4x agp cards) the system doesn’t starts up and it shows nothing on the screen. I have tried it on another PC’s even olders than mine and it works fine. I have checked all the options in the bios and it all seems ok.

ps: with another graphics card my pc works fine.

Hope you can help!!


Did you update all motherbaord drivers and do windows updates possibly related. All newer AGP slot cards are backwards compatible. Also write to ECS support fro any known issues with this card. Chck their website for any patches and see if they have a FAQ or support # to call.


Also check if the card fits good enough in the AGP slot. I had the same problem once, and it was solved by pressing the card a bit harder in the slot :slight_smile:


Gonna try a bios upgrade and see if it works… thks for your tips:)