Problem with Alcohol 120%

I have version 1.4.6 i don’t want 2 buy the latest version. When i put a pc game that is protected by safedisc 3 my computer crashes, dose any one know whats going on?

do you mount the image or do you put the disc into your drive?
when exactly does the computer crash?
standard-question: do you have all drivers up-to-date?

I make an image of the game and then mount it into my virtual drive, then when i start the game my computer crashes.

crash = ?
is there an error message, BSOD, or whatever?
does it only happen with one game or with all safedisc protected games?

A blue screen comes up with losts of wrting and says “Now dumping memory”?

well, the 2 most important questions are not answered:
drivers up-to-date?
crash only when starting (a particular) game?

Drivers are up to date, and only crashes with safedisc 3 protected games.

Sounds like some sort of blacklisting problem which, no doubt, could be cured by updating to the latest version.

Since updating is free for registered users and since your version is out of date, I’m afraid I have to assume that you’re using a cracked or other illegal version of the program though (a trial version would have expired long ago).

Accordingly. that means that I have to close the thread. Feel free to PM me if my assumption is incorrect.