Problem with Alcohol 120 for burning a video DVD

Request an advice how to use the Image Burning Wizard of Alcohol 120 to burn a .mdf or .mds image file into a video DVD. In the pop up of Image Burning Wizard, when I clicked start, a pop up of Alcohol 120% - Waiting for disc came out. Even after the Device Status had been changed to Blank Disc (DVD), the Elapsed Time was continuously running without any pop up for the recording process. I waited for a period of 2 hours, the waiting for disc pop up was still there without any progress. May I know the reasons and thanks.

Use a CD instead.

but the original image file is larger than 710MB.

What is your image of, is it a DVD format or CD format image

It is a .mdf and .mds format image movie with a total of 1.7 GB and I do not know how can I play this movie in the PC. I therefore try to use Alcohol 120 to burn a Video DVD. Is there any way to solve my problem?

If you have a DVD play back program such as WinDVD you should be able to mount the image in Virtual drive to see if the image is ok, did you get any error reports when you created the image ? Is your drive supported in Alcohol

Many thanks. I try to find WinDVD. I use a Drive Device of NEC DVD RW ND-3520A and I am not sure this is supported in Alcohol or not. I will try again to burning a DVD and see if there are some error reports.

Use what ever software you got with your DVD Drive that plays your DVD’s.

If you post a system report from within Alcohol it will tell us if your drive is supported or not.

It’s supported as you can see here.

HI i have the same problem, the file is 714mb and it wont’ reconize my dvd disc.

how is downloading WinDVD goin to help my problem?

Dear Sirs ,

I’m having the same problem as above , and when i inserted a Blank CD instead of a Blank DVD , Alcohol recognise it and started burning the image . I’m guessing that this have to do with the size of the image files . BUT is there a way for me to override this feature and just burn the small image onto a DVD anyway ?

Any help is much appreciated . Thanks and regards .

No because the image is in CD format not DVD format, you cant write a CD image format to a DVD disc with Alcohol

Dear Sirs ,

I’m a bit confused here . I’m just trying to do a backup of my favorite PS2 DVD Game , which i bought in a game store near my house [ very heavy use ] . I was given to understand that the game i bought is a DVD Game , not a VCD Game . Is it possible that the store has misled me ? Or is it possible for a VCD Format PS2 Game to be stamped onto a DVD , but not backup-able by software like Alcohol ? :slight_smile:

Am very sorry if these questions are so very basic in nature , but hopefully someone can shed a bit of light in this matter for me . Thanks and regards . :slight_smile:

I assume you mean CD not VCD. PS2 games can come on either CD or DVD media, it all depends on the game.

If you post your read log it may give us an indication if the disc is CD format or DVD format, or can you tell me when you put the disc in your drive and click on image making wizard are you still able to select data types ?

Yes , i do mean a CD Media . Not a VCD . :doh:

And i’m beginning to see the differences between the two and the logic behind Alcohol burning my fav game onto a CD and not a DVD …

Thanks . :slight_smile:

Yes . After i put in my DVD Blank Media , i can still select my datatype . But nevermind , this point is just academic to me . I can still make my PS2 game backup copies using a CD Media and it plays fine !! Just like my original copy !! :clap:

Congratulations on excellent coding and craftsmanship . I wish the Alcohol team success in future projects . And to the others that have contributed to the thread , thanks so much .

Ok back to … Worms Forts !! :bigsmile:

What Phoenix is referring to is if you stick the disc in the drive and you can chose a datatype the the disc format is CD, if you can’t, then its a DVD.