Problem with AIM

For awhile now i’ve been using Aol Instant Messanger, and recently i keep getting these errors while im chatting, saying “Ran out of Font resources for this window; new fonts may not look as intended” and from there on there is no color or custom fonts until i close the window and reopen it, is there anyway to stop this?

I too have been having the same problem lately. I can’t even get into chatrooms because of it. If anyone knows how to fix this problem, it’d be greatly appreciated.

My solution to AIM problems is the same as it has always been - use Trillian.

which aim version are you running?

Just download the latest version and i think u would do fine.

ditto :iagree:

or alternatively, use Miranda…

Or Gaim…

It’s actually the latest version.

Okay, so when AIM was forced to shut down, I was able to get this to come up:

Any ideas?