Problem with agp cards



I have a SiS65X board and No AGP gfx cards that I’ve tried (TNT2 & Geforce 4) have worked. Anyone know how to fix it?

When i plug the monitor in the card, it’s like it detects it because the monitor doesn’t do the normal unplugged stuff, however i get no image on it.


Many SiS 655 boards seem to have problems with Ti4200s, as for the TNT2 maybe voltage, though most are 4x cards and should work fine.


So is there any way to fix it? Or do I need to get a new gfx card? :confused:


Have you checked for new BIOS? That’s the only thing I can think of that might solve the problem. Have you thought about getting a nForce2 or KT400 mobo? Also, have you tried plugging in a different monitor?


Yeah, I was going to check into a BIOS.

Not sure what to do exactly, but I’ll hopefully figure it out.