Problem with Adobe Photoshop



Everytime I open up an image in Adobe Photoshop CS2, it always loads in portrait. Pretty much every image I load is in landscape and I want to change the settings so that when I open Photoshop it opens up in landscape by default.


Gary: I can’t figure this one out. Photoshop should load a given image in the size and form it is in. If your talking about creating a new blank canvas then that size can be set and PS will remember it by setting the size the making that size the default.


I’m not creating a new blank canvas, just opening existing images that are clearly in landscape, but Photoshop always loads in portrait. The image looks exactly the same and is the right way up. I only know whether the page setup is in portrait when I actually go into Page Setup to check.


could you give is an example of what image you are loading? What is the source?

Is this what u mean?? ^^


Page setup is used for printing. Your printer driver and the way it is set up is most likley making PS revert back to portrait. If you make you printer default as landscape will the setting hold? I don’t see much on the subject except default printer drivers. Your printers printmode in advanced settings is most likley set to auto mode based on paper size. (paper taller then wider) and PS is picking up on that. I think PS during install created another printer setup that is seperate from you everyday one so can contain 2 sets of defaults


Ok, I’ve sorted it. Went into printer properties and changed the default settings for the printer and it opens all images in landscape now. Thanks


Love those happy endings welcome :iagree: