Problem with Acoustica not playing in MP3 compliant car CD player

I want to get as many audio tracks as possible to play in my MP3 compliant car CD player. I burnt a CDR containing Cd image MP3 files.

The CDR plays on my panasonic DVD player (which supports MP3) but not on my car CD player. The only factor causing the problem could be that during the burning process Acoustica gives warings about the player not supporting folders but the files are not in folders. I tried another set of separate MP3 files which were unwrapped from an ALBW rar file and this is the same.
any help appreciated.

Are you just draging and dropping the mp3 files to Acoustica? Only mp3 files there can be read my cd players, if added folder to it, it could cause confusion to cd player and cd player will then not play cd at all. Dont add any folder rar no nothing expect for mp3 files only and tell me what the result are.

I have only burned the mp3 files to the CDR. The original is a ALBW in MP3. I unwrapped the ALBW using software called Alba to get the tracks into single tracks and then burned the tracks using Acoustica but it wont play in the CD player (plays in my stand alone DVD player though) When I open the CDR in windows it only shows individual tracks and no folders.

I also burned a CDR of a CDimage that was originally a flac CD image. I coverted the flac Cdimage into a CDimage and the burned this to CDR but it wont play in a stand alone CD player.

Any help appreciated

You should c something like the pic below, I would recommend u to try and burn with other utilitys like using windows media player 10, i personally love it. So try other audio cd creators and c what the results are.