Problem with Acer 1610A

I have just bought an Acer CRW 1610A but it’s not working properly. When my computer starts, I see quickly that BIOS detects IDE secondary as 16X10, but in Windows (I’m using Windows 2000), the icon of the CD-ROM is there (besides the DVD player’s one), but it’s not reading any CD, nor writing. There was a floppy in the package labelled “CD-ReWriter DEVICE DRIVER”, I ran the setup (though I think it was just meant for DOS environment), but still it’s the same. So I went to Acer website support, upgrade the firmware, but again no result.
For writing I use Easy CD creator 5.02c, I get a message displaying “There are no supported CD-Recorders”. With Nero, my writer is identified but when I launch a writing it says “Insert a CD”, though it’s already inserted !

I don’t know what to do now, please help me!

K, I’m no expert on CD-Writers but I also bought the same writer as you a week ago (ACER 1610A) and I only installed the Prassi Promo Program that came with it so there’s no need for extra drivers (I use Win98 SE) so it’s PLUG and PLAY…Both my CD drives are on the same IDE cable and Windows didn’t gimme any problems detecting the drive…so you’ll prolly have to wait till some-one with more CD-R experience are able to help u :frowning:

Thanks for having replied Slither !
When I call Acer Assistance, he adviced me to try with Windows 98, but I don’t have it ! Morever on the box itself it’s written “Designed for Windows 2000” !
I sent e-mails 15 days ago to Acer Support (Taiwan, Europe, US…), but none of them have replied yet. I think the writer is faulty, yet it’s NEW! I can’t even change it because I bought it in Singapore, and now I’m back in France !!
I’ve seen over the net that so many people complained about Acer products, especially about their hotline support, rude and inefficient. They even haven’t replied my e-mails yet…
I’ll try to get Windows 98 at last, and if it’s still not working, then I’ll open it, and try to repair it myself.

Did you make sure that you installed windows 2k drivers? They should be on the device drivers cd. Sometimes Companies make their products unfriendly, and hide the proper drivers. see if it has 2k or NT drivers and run it with those.

There is just a floppy given with no NT or W2000 directory, just a common setup executable, which actually installs DOS driver. That doesn’t work either. Moreover this writer is supposed to be plug & play.
Still no reply from Acer, did I tell you that on their website they write “Acer likes to hear from you”. Well, I’d like to hear from them also someday…

ACER: Did an install cd come with some type of cd-writing software on it? Adaptec Roxie or Nero?

If you have a previous version of software maybe the drive is not in the database.

I had an ACER 2x2x6 few years ago and all i could use for a few months was the software that came with it, since the shareware out there did not support it yet.