Problem with accepting discs

I get an error message that the machine is not reading the disc because of a power compilation. What is that? Does it mean that type of disc is not compatible with the writer? I’ve tried every conceivable disc I can find; it still won’t take them. What types of discs ARE compatible and where do I find them? If I need an update, please direct me to the proper update for my writer.

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James, could you give us as much info as you can. What model is your drive? Is it New to the computer? What kind and how old is the computer? What is the exact error message are you getting?
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It’s an SHW160P6SU Lite-On Writer/External. My computer is an e-Machine 2 yrs. old. I deleated and then re-loaded EZ-Dub so the power error doesn’t show up anymore but it continues to kick out the blank discs. I have tried using Memorex 1-16x, 4.7 GB discs, Memorex 16x , 4.7 GB discs, TDK 1-16x, 4.7 GB discs. The only discs I have been able to use are Maxwell DVD-R, 16x, 4.7 GB discs. I don’t know where to find them. Wal-Mart & Office Depot don’t have them.

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Memorex and TDK are both part of the Imation group and may be using the same type of disk. To find out for certain, you’d need to run DVDIdentifier or something similar to find the mid codes (manufacturer ID code).

I’d suggest using better media, like Verbatim 16x, which can be found at Best Buy or Office Max.

You might also look for a firmware update at the Lite-on site.