Problem with AC/DC PAL dvd



Im having probems backing up a dvd that a friend bought on the net. The dvd is an AC/DC show from 1996 in Madrid. When we put the dvd in the dvd player is gets a wrong region error. So I told him I would transfer it to a dvdr for him and try to remove the region.

When I put it my Pioneer A07 drive and open DVD decrypter is gets this error right of the bat " Device: pioneer dvd-rw dvdr-107 1.10 Logical unit region has not been set!
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Anybody run into this before? I also notice that the back of the dvd says PAL on it. Can this dvd even be played in an american dvd player? Thanks for any help from anyone in advance,



have you selected a region for your A07?

PAL dvds can be played on american players as long as they support PAL, which many do. however, your display (usually a tv) also has to be capable of displaying PAL.


Thank you for the quick reply AZ. I downloaded the latest DVD shrink and the first thing it had me do was change the dvd region. I would not let me pick USA so I choose the next one down. It seems to be ripping it right now. I will let it do its thing and check it out when its finished.

I know my is not PAL compatible but hopefully I can play it on the computer :wink: Thanks again,



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