Problem with a Xvid

I downloaded a Xvid and in WMP and other players it says the audio codec is Nero Digital Audio Decoder, i tried converting to SVCD like i always do but this time there is no audio when i pop it in the dvd player just the video… How do i convert this to mp3 audio

Either use the real source or ask those who have created the xviD what tools they have used to create it…

When it says Nero Digital Audio Decoder - it’s almost a guarantee it’s AAC - try using CoreAAC or AC3Filter to decode it.

By that i mean you install these filters and then you can reconvert [-audio should convert fine-] or try opening it in virtualdub and exporting the audio separately [change compression to PCM by enabling Full Audio Reprocessing]

If you require codec info on a particular file a great free program is gspot found here:
It will discover what video/audio was used and determine what codecs are needed and even tell you if they are installed. :slight_smile: