Problem with a VOB file



I reciently downloaded a VOB file from Bittorrent. It plays fine on all the media players I have (WMP, WinAmp, Zoom Player and Nero Player). The problem I have is I can’t burn it to dvd, the sound is fine but the video looks like a scrambled TV signal. I’ve tried to convert it using various converters but they either don’t recognise/support it or some don’t even see it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



rip the vob from the burned dvd with dvd decrypter or dvd shrink. re-burn to dvd. play. result ?


Probably a PAL vob on an NTSC television/dvdplayer.


To me it sounds like the CSS flags weren’t removed, when on a DVD the picture will be all scrambled. Re-rip it with DVD Decrypter and remove the CSS flags.

No if it were a PAL vob you wouldn’t know since most DVD players won’t output in PAL, they just output in NTSC…the result would be sluggish frames, you’d see the low 25 framerate being resampled to 29.9…not really a major problem for most players. If the DVD player did support PAL then the result would be a black & white pic with scrolling lines.


The VOB is from the Top Of The Pops TV show not a dvd. As I said the original VOB is fine but when I try to convert it, wether to avi or mpeg, the result is perfect sound and a scrambled picture. My DVD player is a multiregion/NTSC/Pal .
Thanks for your sugestions!


Could it be the Macrovision APS that is causing this? If so, would Shrink remove it?


I’ve tried both Shrink and Decryptor and neither will even open it. Maybe the original VOB file was just badly encoded. Ah well I’ll just keep trying!


Did you try this suggestion?


have you tried Dvd2one, that workes quit well and good picture quality.