Problem with a Toshiba CDRW/DVD laptop drive

Hi. I wonder if someobdy could give me any suggestions about the problem I am having with my Toshiba CDRW/DVD SDR2101 laptop drive. It used to work fine until some day I tried to copy an old CD with it. It was having real problems trying to read it and I just gave up. After that, the problem started. When I insert a blank CD in it to burn, most of the time it won’t recognize there is a CD in the drive, it doesn’t even try to spin it, it acts just like if the drive is empty. But eventually it will recognize it and burn the CD. When I insert a regular CD-ROM or music CD it always works fine. And when I insert a DVD disc, it won’t ever recognize it, even tho it acts different. When a DVD is inserted, it spins for a while, like trying to start it up for about 30 seconds, and then it just gives up and stops, but won’t recognize the DVD.

I tried different DVDs with it and the same problem happens with all of them. Also tried gently cleaning the lens, but that still didn’t help.

Anybody has any idea of what this could be? Is it easy fix?