Problem with a setting in bios

had a pc given me put my own hard drive in everything running ok,the opp system is a pirate version which passes wat on windows.(windows xp pro spk 3) looked in bios no safety features enabled eg…(shutdown comp when cpu fan fail) so set this to enable,. but on reboot as soon as windows loads i get the message this version does not pass wat then after a couple of seconds pc turns then had to go back and disable then pc runs fine again do you think hard drive needs to be wiped and a clean install performed. as i could really do with running with features enabled…(abit at7 max 2 board) and amd athlon xp 2.07ghz cpu 1.5 gig ram.any help would be much appreciated.:eek:

Why do you expect normal behaviour from a pirated copy of Windows?

Sorry, we can’t give you any support here.

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