Problem with a DVD

I have a DVD i made a couple of years ago now with various family pictures and videos on it.

It has always worked fine until about 2 months ago. When i now put it in it doesn’t give me the prompt box asking what i want to do with the DVD (open it, play it etc). Then when i go into my computer and click on the DVD drive it opens but there is nothing in there at all :expressionless:

Even when i check whats on the DVD it says 0 :frowning:

I have cleaned the DVD to see if that would help but same as usual.

All other CD’s and DVD’s work fine.

Anyone got any suggestions?

Try reading the disk in as many drives as possible.

Look at the back of the disk, clean it gently with rubbing alcohol if it is dirty.

If you manage to read the disk, try and copy the data off the disk. You may not be able to get all of the data, but hopefully most of it.

you can try DVDInfo Pro at
Run the CRC checker should tell you if Media is has errors

hi mike tried the crc checker but just says the media is blank :frowning:

i will try the disk on some other drives when i can.

seems odd

Try ISOBuster or ISO Puzzle to see if it can recover the data from the disc. Then as adict2jane says, reburn to better media (Verbatim recommended). :slight_smile: