Problem with a DVD burn

Hi all, I’ve been searching the Internet for a solution and came across this forum :slight_smile: So hi :slight_smile:

The problem is I created a DVD data disc, DVD+r Disc. It was created using CDRwin. The problem is the actual session isn’t close it seems, nero sees there’s a session but won’t allow me to continue it :frowning: CDRwin is kinda useless at this as I only really use it for mounting images.

I’ve done this before but can’t for the love of god remember how I managed to close the session and the disc :frowning: It happened with a film once, it wouldn’t play in my DVD player (TV) so I took a look and it wasn’t closed… but this was a while back and I cant remember what software I used to get around this.

I don’t suppose anyone has any solutions, the data has been deleted so I really need to get at it :slight_smile: I know it’s there, but it wont read until I close the DVD, but how?!?! :slight_smile:

TIA for any information anyone can give me on this problem.